Shree Jalaram Aradhana Temple is located in Nakuru, Kenya. Company is working in Religion business activities.

Prayers: Prayers take place at below times daily

07.00 am – Morning Thaar

12.00 Noon – Midday Thaar

07.00 pm – Evening Aarti

Individual Accommodation: The Temple provides well maintained accommodation facilities for individual and families of the community people.

Group Accommodation: The Temple also provides well maintained accommodation and conference facilities for group of devotees for the community members.

Pardaas, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner: We provide breakfast lunch and dinner as well as tea and snacks between meals

Breakfast – 07.10 am (after morning Aarti)

Lunch – 12.10pm (after Midday Thaar)

Dinner – 07.10pm (after evening Aarti)

Jalaram Medical Center: The medical centre was a vision of our founder Shree Premchand Bhai Shah. Jalaram medical centre foundation was laid on 25th June 2017. 

The facility will operate on a non-profit basis and will provide the below services

  • Major Laboratory Tests
  • X-Ray
  • CT Scan
  • ECG
  • Ultrasound
  • Pharmacy

Donations for the project are welcome and we have a scheme for donors where by a honorary roll plate will be placed with donors name in the following categories

2.5m and above – Platinum Donors

1-2.5m – Gold Donors

0.5m – 1m – Bronze 

Outreach Programmes: The Temple organises various outreach programs for schools children(Education material Donation), street children (Food donation camps) and first add camps.

Community Services: There are many other activities where temple organize and contirubutes through its resources.